Friday, 3 August 2007

The Bottom Pincher (continued): A Bit of 'Fun'

Richard and Judy did a piece on the bottom pinching story tonight. Surprise, surprise, it annoyed me. He was described as 'cheeky' and Judy also said 'she (the newsreader) couldn't stop and giggle as she was doing the news report.' Giggle? Do you mean stop and give him a right hook? For God's sake Judy. You muppet. Richard also sagely said the newsreader thought people might think her 'prudish' for complaining. How prudish to not want strangers to touch intimate areas of your body! Gosh, what a prude.
So they had a former Sun editor on who called her 'po-faced'. He called it 'fun'. Some people find peering up women's skirts fun. Some people find violent crime fun! let's all have fun! He said 'this woman has done herself a disservice by not laughing it off.' No, she would have done women a disservice by not complaining about it, you sexist fucking pig.
In the defense (God help us) was half-arsed Lowri Turner who pointed out she didn't want someone touching her body. Richard tried to say there was a diference between someone pinching your bum, and someone fondling you. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? If pinching someone's bum isn't sexual, then would you be happy to 'affectionately' pinch a child's bum? Er- NO. These excuses don't WASH.
Then they had that fucking scummy Daily mail journalist who said it was a compliment and 'It's better to be looked at than overlooked.' Fucking LOOK then! Don't touch!
Then she said 'it is dangerous to call it sexual assault.' But where do you draw the line? I'll say it again. My body. Don't fucking touch it. End of story.
Then she went onto say 'he was just trying to cheer everyone up'. Oh, haha! What a card. I must be a po-faced feminist for not finding a public groping hilarious.
Richard then called us 'uptight in this country'. This is why we have such poor rape conviction statistics in this country. Because men like to have fun and women are a bit uptight aren't they?
Then Richard wheels out the whole 'men get their bottoms pinched too' argument. No shit. Men also get raped. But very, very few compared to women. Women are the victims of sexual discrimination and sexual violence in far greater numbers than men. It's not a fucking joke. If you're too stupid to make the connection between objectifying women, and then abusing them, that's your loss.
A bit of 'fun'. Yeah just like Bernard Manning used to be a bit of fun. Just like Benny Hill was. In the fucking dark ages, you thickos.
At the end Judy says, 'Sue we still think you were really professional.' Can you hear the 'but'? But you shouldn't have taken it further. (just like you shouldn't bother taking your rape complaint further, because your skirt was too short, or you were drunk or you walked through that park, so it's your fault) Not one bad word said against the sexist prick who did it. Just the newsreader told off for daring complain.
It's a sick world. But only a few people have their eyes open to see it.

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