Friday, 31 August 2007

Big Brother 8: The End is Near

Hey, it's midnight, I can't be arsed to think of an innovative title. Thought Brian was laying on the 'I'm fick like Jade Goody' thing a bit tonight. Snooze. Although he was a bit kinder about Jonty. Good to see Ziggy making amends with the inflatable globe. (We miss you, Gerry.)
Jonty: 'wouldn't it be weird if we all went out and turned into suntan lotion? There wouldn't be much point interviewing us.' Jonty is not on drugs, believe it or not.
It looked like Carole had been self-harming. Either that or the twins have been holding her wrist against the hob.
I'm glad they let Jonty be Big Brother for the day. I liked his chat with Ziggy.
Carole. You can stop tidying now. Let your hair down. You're moving out on Friday, for fuck's sake. Can you imagine if she was the last one standing? She'd be wiping the tables as she left! I hope Brian and the twins trash the fucking place once she skedaddles. Woo! Party!
I can't believe Ziggy thought Chanelle was flirting with Liam! She so wasn't. What a dick. He's so trying to make amends for show.
Brian went all 'American Tail' wooing Amanda with 'that's the same moon our family are looking at.' No it isn't, because they are all indoors watching Big Brother.
Brian: 'the moon is bigger than the universe.'
Amanda: 'What is the universe?'
Brian: 'The stuff we're all in, apparently. Have you ever seen Deal or No Deal? If you ask the universe for something, it comes true.'
Amanda. He is just trying to get in your knickers.
Er... I thought Ziggy looked quite hot in that grey cardigan. Don't tell anyone. It made a nice change from the hoodie of doom anyway.

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