Thursday, 16 August 2007

Big Brother 8: You don't know what starving is

Like you do, you fat fucking old hag! ARGHHHHHHHHH! I just shouted at the telly so loud my neighbours probably called the police. I haven't been this angry since that hideous, rubber faced toad and those thick slappers abused Shilpa Shetty.
Why are we still watching this? Well I know Red's not. I'm the only person in my house still watching it. It's not fun is it? I look forward to BB every year and every year the producers fuck it up. This week we could have got rid of Carole. But no. We have to put up with another epic row about food and they'll still save her cos they are dumb as shit. It is so uncomfortable to watch it's unbelievable. It actually makes me feel sick. The way she spoke to Brian was disgusting. She is vile. None of them stand up for each other when she goes off though. They all just let each other get bullied.
Carole thinks she is above the other housemates, above Big Brother. What bad timing about the biscuits thing though. Can you imagine if it was someone else who'd hidden them though? She is just beyond belief. 'Supervising and advising?' Oh just FUCK OFF! I can't take it. I just can't take it. 'Big Brother hopes the biscuits were worth it.' Then she says they were. Thick twat. Not even sorry. I hate her more than I ever hated Charley. 'It's alreet,' says Liam. DICK! I am furious no one will take her to task! GET A FUCKING SPINE YOU STUPID FUCKERS!
'It's alright Carole, treat us like babies, tell us off, make us miserable, emotionally blackmail us, make us starve, it's alright Carole...' No it's NOT ALRIGHT! ARGRRHRHRHRHRHRRHHRRGRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!
Ziggy should have taken his anger out on the old witch, not Big Brother. Prick. Brian apologising to her just made me hate him. At least the twins don't like her. 'Stop crying every time.' Thank God for Gerry. He finally dared stand up to her. Damn all the others to hell for not backing him up, the pathetic, fence sitting little weasels. 'You moan 24 hours a day.' Correct. Carole was trying to set Gerry up for a fall. Please God don't let them fall for it. The only bit I enjoyed was Gerry pretending to starve in the diary room and Liam and Brian singing in the rain.
PS. Gerry is looking so cute with his 'Something about Mary' hair lately. I want to cuddle him.

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Anonymous said...

'Hideous Rubber Faced Toad'
I spilt my tea laughing at that