Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Big Brother 8: I thought you was one of them Museum People

Aww! I loved the second half of BB tonight, (i.e. the part when Carole wasn't whizzing round on her broomstick) it was like old skool romance time! Brian and Amanda are the like best big brother couple eva, woo! I'm pleased she likes him, I hope she didn't give him the cold shoulder this morning. I loved EVEN MORE Liam sitting outside, cursing the fact he hooked up with Amy and her boobs. No more twin-throwing for you! Hehe! And him listening in the dark! Hahaha! Muppet.
What else? Alex and Adele. I couldn't remember who Adele was either. Alex doing his stupid behind the door thing was like Ricky Gervais doing 'the dance' or Nikki rehashing her strops. Somewhat stale. Loved Brian's excitement though.
Nominations were annoying because they didn't oust the bearded lady. Gerry: she basically got in your face two seconds before nominations and you still didn't take the bait. I'm ashamed of you. You're past 30 and being bitch-whipped. Grow a spine. I suspect Amy will go rather than Kryton which is boring as it will make Liam 'canny lass' The Lad think he was right to treat her like a piece of crap.
I'm actually fast forwarding Carole now. I thought Nicky's voice was bad, but Carole's has usurped it.

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