Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Reviews: Rilo Kiley- Under The Blacklight & Stars- In Our Bedroom After The War

Um.. I hate the new Rilo Kiley album. From what little I've read about it, the feeling is mutual. What a shame. I love Jenny Lewis and her voice, and most importantly, her soul, which seems to be entirely lacking on this new album. I miss the country. I miss the folk. Its not to say their pop is bad, 'Portions for Foxes' was my favourite song for a good few months. But it had a big heart.
What the fuck is this new album? I don't know who they are aiming for, but it's someone, because it's not what they are about. And the fact they are aiming for some audience I don't understand is just horrible. I had to skip the end of Give a Little Love and Close Call because they were completely unbearable. Dreamworld is dross: I hate it when the man sings, he's hopeless. The Money Maker was fucking dreadful, I got less than a minute in. It's kind of jazzy... urgh... I don't know, it pushes bad buttons in me. It reminds me of what Bright Eyes has tried to do to some extent (although they are forgiven anything) in that it's taken away a lot of the raw emotion and replaced it with this empty, slick production. I am genuinely disappointed and glad I didn't go and see them, because it would have pained me to sit through this. Oh my GOD I just heard Dejalo! Fucking Paula Abdul. Did you need the money that much Jenny? Thank fuck I didn't actually pay for this. DELETE.
This band gave us 'Pictures of Success' and 'Plane Crash in C'. Just remember that and wipe this from your brain.
I was expecting less from Stars. I always kind of thought they were a one hit wonder, because apart from the superb 'Your Ex-Lover is Dead' (Morrissey would be proud of those opening lyrics) the rest was just kind of floaty filler. However, I really love the new album. I can't stop listening to The Night Stars Here. It's really exciting and fun. I love the thing they do where the overlap the blokes voice and the girls voice. I'm sure there's a technical word for it, but I don't know it. I could listen to it all day long. I really love Take Me To The Riot (the new single, I believe) and Personal. There is some filler on there, I'm not keen on My Favourite Book, despite the title. but all in all I think Stars have really progressed and found their groove. I love both their voices. Now here's one worth shelling out for.
Rilo Kiley- 0 Stars- 1

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