Friday, 10 August 2007

Britains Youngest Brides

Oh my! I haven't watched much reality TV crap lately (except the obvious) but this show was great! Only one in a thousand teenagers marries. Thank fuck, right.
The first girl was an Irish traveller, and her dress made Jordan's look modest, and I'm not exaggerating. It was like a car crash involving a fairy, a christmas tree, a cake and a ballerina. The guests were beyond belief too- children done up like burlesque dancers, and the men in white suits with bright pink ties. The bridesmaids were in bright fuchsia with what looked like pink baseball caps on. It really had to be seen to be believed. She looked absolutely pig sick when she kissed the groom, too. Brilliant!
The second girl was an 18 year old who married a 50 year old second hand car salesman. Nice! They met at church. I'm not against age gaps, but it's quite a big one. Still, they seemed well-matched.
The third girl was chavtastic, 17 and expecting twins. They both seemed thick as pigshit. A lot of them talked about 'showing' other people that they loved each other. What a childish reason to marry. It's not about other people. She looked about 45 on the wedding day. The guy got rat arsed on the stag night and was barely conscious for the ceremony. True love!
The fourth girl was just 17 so her mum had to agree to her getting married. Her mum looked extremely young too. They did seem a happy couple though- but bloody hell, seventeen!? She looked like a baby.
The fifth girl was just 16 when she married! She looked the youngest of the lot, completely like a child. She had an arranged marriage with a guy from Pakistan. He was 28 and they got engaged when she was 10!!! Is that allowed? Still, they seemed happy too, so who am I to judge?

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