Sunday, 26 August 2007

Big Brother 8: A Knife in the Back

And so. The last week begins, limping away like a dead dog ready for the knackers yard. I didn't even notice Tracey had gone. She was supremely annoying on BBLB, though. I got the impression Dermot wanted to nut her. She really was as vacuous as we suspected.
What was that all about when Carole told Ziggy she'd nominated him? How weird! You could tell it broke his little heart. She's a ball-crusher, make no mistake. Her paranoid delusions/ crying afterwards was very interesting. The fact is, Ziggy dared to stand up to her and she punished him for it. End of story. She wouldn't accept she was controlling. She really sees herself as Mother Teresa.
I thought it was hilarious when they all got a telling off for talking about nominations. When Carole said 'give me my case to go' they really should have. Her martyrdom is truly sickening. I hope she gets lynched when she comes out, I really do. LYNCH HER!
I loved Brian and the twins duet. It was like a day out from the special needs school. Aren't thick people cute and nonthreatening?
I'm going to vote for Ziggy to win I reckon, cos I cant choose between the twins and Brian and I've enjoyed all of Ziggy's bullshit. Jonty is too dull and I don't want Ziggy to come out before Carole.

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