Monday, 20 August 2007

Big Brother 8: When Scarecrows Cry

Carole saying, 'don't jump on the furniture' at the opener of the show to Sam says it all. Do you remember the twins excitedly clambering into the bath on the first night? Well, that was because they and only they owned the house. Hopefully they will again one day.
I love the way Tracey reacted when Brian told her what Gerry said: nonchalant, 'deal with it' territory, then later she was sobbing like a baby. Ha ha! As Nelson would say. I enjoyed seeing Tracey crumble. DEAL WIV IT! DEAL WIV IT YOU DOPEY BITCH. Cry cry cry cry. Yay! This is your punishment for your unfeeling advice for the past three months. Notice how she cried with her face to the camera, so we could all get a good old gawp at her tears. Boo fucking hoo. It aint exactly an X-Factor stylee dead parent story with heartstringy music is it?
Big Brothers finishing school was dull as shit, they should sack the taskmasters. Ooh, taskmaster. Good word. Tracey treated it with her usual sour-faced aplomb. It was so fucking boring to watch. BORING! I HATE YOU BIG BROTHER!!!
I liked the twins orange cardies though. Did you see how Carole wiped the counter when she got the chance, it was almost erotic. URGH!
Liam and his pearl necklace comment didn't exactly endear me to him. I bet he's so, so, so shit in bed. Tracey backing him up just made her look like the tryhard bozo she is. Tracey, the reason you can't do the task is because all that E has shrivelled your brain, love (oh and your face). Liam asking his bi girlfriend to do a threesome. SIGH!
Were Liam, Brian and Ziggles conspiring to put Carole up? Goddammit I hope so. But I feel like an abused dog scrabbling for a crumb. I get the feeling come nominations it's just going to be another kick in the ribs.
Amanda getting toothpaste in her eye must have been the first genuine laugh I've had via BB in weeks. A definite best bit.


Red said...

Nope. Again, I tried, but watching them repeat after that woman, "Gollygosh" and "Ooops" did not enthralling television make.

It was Pirate Master, The Amazing Race and Britain's Next Top Model for me last night. I love it when they do underwater shoots, there's always some bint who's afraid of drowning or of opening her eyes. Haha!

lightupvirginmary said...

I watched top model too: I like the red haired one, shame she went. My favourite though is the supposed chubby one with the attitude (I wish i was that chubby!), she has the most amazing face.
It's not a patch on American's Next Top Model though.