Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Anne Widdecombe Vs The Benefits Culture

Oh yes I'm a glutton for the weeble of doom. Third blog of the night! I really DONT want to write my story, do I? I'm an apathetic waste of space! Yay.
So Anne W goes to meet 'Shameless' Mick Philpott who has two wives and 18 children (two a year!)! Hilarious. Are you allowed to have 2 wives? Perhaps only if you subject yourself to a verbal drubbing from Anne and her monstrous boobs. Mick takes it in turns to sleep with his wives in the caravan outside. Who said romance was dead? Anne thinks it's too 'disgusting' to stay there though. Snob!
Ah, one wife was a mistress. Let's get to the point here though: it's not dopey Mick and his braindead family to blame is it? It's the pathetic system that supports him and lets him get away with it. It's free money. What's he going to say? No thanks?
Mick has a bunch of cars and a widescreen TV. I work full time and live in a hovel in London. Do I hate Mick for his lifestyle? No. He has 18 kids! Poor bastard. And twice the nagging. We should pity him.
Anne is clearly disgusted at him though and shouts 'Get a job!' Why would he? The government is giving him free cash! Come on. She asks him how people feel who work and have to pay for him. He's not fussed. She gets him a job that will earn him £88 a week on top of his benefits. Really, why would he bother? She went and met some more people who said the same thing.
Anne: you're shouting at the wrong people.
(She did however get 2 chav girls a job painting and decorating for £360 a week! That will keep them in gold hoops for a while.)


Anonymous said...

Everything's got to be a 'culture' now, have you noticed? You can describe any societal ill as a culture and make it look like an arbitrary lifestyle choice. It's a type of propaganda geared towards curtailing highly complex issues.
I think we should make an appointment at her surgery and have it out with her once and for all lol

lightupvirginmary said...

Yeah: with a baseball bat.
(just kidding!)

Anonymous said...

I'll carry the mop & bucket.