Thursday, 23 August 2007

Domestic Violence: Apparently Acceptable

On Monday I read in the paper about an 'executive' who beat his wife, slashed her with a knife for not making his sandwiches and then burnt her on the back with an iron because she hadn't ironed his shirt. He told the police she was a self-harmer. That's like Jackass style self-harming to iron your own back, isn't it?
This 25-year-old guy, who claimed he 'couldn't remember doing it' and who earns £90,000 a year was given a £2000 fine and the judge said as she'd left him, he was unlikely to do it again. Yeah, until he meets his next wife.
Today I read about a DOCTOR who punched his wife 24 times. He earns £100,000 a year. His punishment? He had to pay her £500 compensation. Five hundred pounds. The magistrate said this caring GP had no previous convictions and was of 'good character'.
Here's an experiment. Go up to stranger in the street and slash them with a knife. Beat someone to a pulp. Burn them, literally brand them for life. You will be rightly jailed.
But if you 'love' the person you do it to, it's OK. It's perfectly acceptable. This harks back to years gone by when women had to obey and just get raped and beaten by their husbands and had to take it. It wasn't even illegal. I thought we'd moved on.
What sort of magistrate decides a wife-beater has a good character? What sort of character must that judge have to make that call? The sort that is a fucking wife-beating and/ or kiddy-fiddler himself (because they don't like sending perverts down either). That's why they do nothing about violence against women and children, because they ALL have a hand in it. That's the only explanation I can think of. It's either that or women's lives are just considered worthless. Women's pain is just considered a by-product of marriage.
Two women a week are killed by their partner in England and Wales. The message these 'sentences' spell out is that it's tough shit. Some years back they changed the system so the police could press charges against abusive husbands without the wife's consent. This was a positive step as too many wives were too scared to come forward. But what the fuck is the point if magistrates who are so devoid from reality and emotion think a beating from the man you love is worth about five hundred quid?


Anonymous said...

You're totally right about everything and our judicial system is nonsensical.
I actually think all violence is psychotic and self-destructive in whatever form it takes, but it’s standardised and excused by historical and scientific propaganda. There is no ‘fair’ violence or ‘just’warfare; it’s all obscene. So-called ‘organised violence’ is no more logical or reasonable than if I were to walk up to a stranger in the street and try to remove their elbows. Isn’t it easier to say ‘fuck evolutional theory and all that – lets just have a cup of tea.’ Why is it natural to annihilate one another?
Any society/religion/authority that condones violence of any kind is in the business of breeding nutters whatever the deterrent, and as a result the most vulnerable in society suffer. Sexual violence is absolutely integral to that and we’re living in this bizarre world where we’re not allowed to watch swearing on TV but anyone of any age, at any time of day, can have internet access to the most despicable and degrading pornography. How can it be allowed? It offends both women and men, and bastardises the act of sex, and yet it’s mostly trivialised. The reason why we don’t have the right kind of research into this presentation of sex is because, of course, too many people make far too much money from the porn industry.

Anonymous said...

I’ve just read that back and I sound as if I’m bellowing from the pulpit or something. Lol. I’m clueless really; it’s just my gut reaction to the whole thing. I hope I’m not turning into Widdy’ dearest

lightupvirginmary said...

Don't worry, I enjoyed your venting because it was reasoned and logical unlike my angry ranting! If I had kids (not likely) I wouldn't let them on the internet unsupervised. I've searched for the most innocent songs to download and come up with 'hot sluts taking it up the arse' or whatever. Not very good really. But how do they regulate it?
PS. I do like comments that begin 'you're totally right about everything...' haha.