Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Where to now?

So finally seeing what happened, I think Chanelle set up the argument with Ziggy so she could split. She started on him over nothing and was mildly hysterical. She was in the wrong there, I can't deny it, but he drove her to it. I have a Ziggy apologist in my house so I have to defend her. It was sad that she didn't say goodbye to the others but I don't blame her. Shame she missed Gerry off the note, though. After seeing her bronzed and blonde on BBLB she seems very happy to be out so good luck to her.
It was sad when the twins found the note and Brian cried. I think Ziggy could have talked her round somehow, but I guess it would have just gone on and on. The crux of it was she wanted undying love and Ziggy has already given that to someone else (his dog).
I can't get into the new housemates, I will always associate them with Chanelle leaving. I didn't give a damn about who got in or who didn't. Worse: if Ziggy goes this week, there will be no show to watch. Much as I loathe his smarminess he is one of the few multi-faceted characters left.
I still hate Carole. It's pretty obvious she's basically in love with Ziggy. Her poor-me act in the diary room when they were fighting, followed by her welling up at the thought of Ziggy moving two feet away.
It's very obvious Ziggy only went next door to appease the baying mob. Unfortunately like everything he does in the house, it's a ruse. If he does get bumped this week it will be interesting to see if he hooks up with Chanelle for the magazine circuit. I would not rule it out. Chiggy may live to fight another day.

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