Monday, 16 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Naked Nominations

What was that conversation Ziggy had with Nicky about? It was really weird. Were we meant to think, 'Ziggy! I'm impressed by his honesty!' Er...
The frown lines on Nicky's face are getting drastic. Nothing will shift them. Every time she has a go at Gerry it's like a dagger in my heart. What image does she think she portrays? There is nothing to like about her. Except her fringe and red lipstick. And she only brings those bad boys out on Fridays.
What else? Liam's thighs are disgusting. I can't stand flabby men! I like my men breakable (and I WILL break them). However, Charley saying people on the outside had been dissing him was unforgivable. What a bitch.
Tracey nominating Ziggy and Gerry- yawn! You're a cunt scarecrow- deal with it.
Ziggy also made himself look like a prick trying to curry favour with Charley in the bathroom. What a twonk. If he's not careful, she will twist things to her advantage. More so than normal.
So thanks to BB selective punishments Charley escaped again. Sigh. Still, I'd rather she stayed than Nicky. At least she plays the game, and doesn't just try and cause it's death via grating voice.
Something tells me it's not exactly going to be a close run eviction race this week. Big Brother, fetch Nicky's broomstick and get her the fuck out. BYEEEY!

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* (asterisk) said...

i like Nicky, but I'd rather see her go than Gerry. Gerry's nice. Proper good guy.