Monday, 30 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Our Love Would Never Die (well, ha, ha, ha)

I felt in pain watching BB tonight. I was genuinely moved by Chanelle's departure (because it WAS her goodbye, even if it took another day in reality). I'm glad she had the guts to go, I really am. It was brave of her to just say 'no more'. May Ziggy reap what he has sown. Did anyone see Diary Room Uncut when Carole said 'you came in here like James Bond' and he didn't even argue. One word for the pair of 'em. Cunts. Did you see Carole's face when Chanelle came out the diary room for a second time? I'm so over this Mother Earth mask. The fact Carole backed Charley says it all. She's a wrong 'un: I've been saying it for weeks.
With all the commotion, I forgot to care about the new housemates. Shanessa is clearly a classy bird: massage parlours and chlamydia as hobbies are always good opening gambits, I find. That lapdance made my stomach lurch. How unlucky to be fat and have small breasts, right? The others made zero impact tonight. It was like the boring bits in Eastenders interpersed with some very real drama.
Gerry and the twins sobbing really broke my heart. Yes, I cried, it's not my fault, I've got women's problems, haha. It was so sad when Ziggy was saying 'you look amazing' and cuddling her in the astro-turfed toilet. It felt like proper Romeo and Juliet levels of tragedy. I can't stand unhappy endings. I just wanted them to make it alright somehow. Mind you, I wanted Karl and Susan kennedy and Sonia and Martin to get back together for years. I'm quite an old romantic.
But some things can never be fixed. Shanessa's pride. Ziggy's integrity. Carole's house. And that is the way of the world. Sob!
I think Chanelle will look back and despair at what Ziggy drove her to. Yes she was a brat, but he was worse, because he truly played with her emotions. Ziggy's reputation is beyond saving. He should have forced her to stay, begged her if he had to. By letting her go, he is truly screwed.
Big Brother has lost it's soul now. I can't get into the new people. I feel too sad. It shouldn't have been that way for Chanelle. She should have got her eviction night. Carole and Ziggy: I'm gunning for you. This elephant don't forget.

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