Friday, 13 July 2007


I thought I'd hate it but I LOVE Fonejacker. I thought it was going to be quite cruel (the word 'prank' conjures automatic Beadle associations) but actually it's done with a certain charm. The graphics are cleverly done too, simple but effective.
All the characters are pretty good, especially Terry Tibbs, the bank guy and the mouse. Proper laugh out loud funny and mainly due to the weird and wonderful people they ring. They are the true eccentrics. Why DON'T they just hang up? It's brilliant. Now I understand how telesales works, because people will just talk to anyone who rings them. Personally I hang up immediately. It's a bit different if you're at work because you have to humour nutters a bit.
I love the automated flat phone number too, and when he calls people from outside where they are. Excellent, stupid fun. Watch it.