Friday, 27 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Halfway House

Um.. I'm pissed. I kind of wasn't concentrating on Big Bro tonight cos I was making a CD for my friend Kellie and sticking sparkly stickers onto a picture of an anorexic looking Courtney Love. Which proved more scintillating than even Charley Says eviction. OK, the early show. Carole didn't have a leg to stand on, waking Gerry 'I need oral sex/anal sex/ S&M sex' to clean the floor. He has another MONTH to clean the floor Carole! Clean your fucking house, you scummy tramp. Stand-out moment- Liam asking to wipe his arse on Charley's mush. I recall (vaguely) Ziggy being a dick. Oh yes, he said he and Chanelle were 'good friends'. Yes, Ziggy I often dry/ wet hump my 'good friends'. You fore-skinned faced dolt. I enjoyed the angry tension in the caravan when Charlzey were talking and then Chanelle came in and pouted like fuck. I like the fact she doesn't even pretend to like Charley anymore.
But then. Who cares anymore? She's gone. Her interview fogged past in a vodka haze, the only thing that stood out was when she called Chanelle a 'pea-head'. She was unrepentant. Davina couldn't reign in her verbal diarrhea. The booing was pretty good, but not good enough. Only a rifle to the head would have sufficed.
So, new people. I hate it when they put them next door. It's crapola. I'm most interested in the one who 'got the talk of doom' and decided not to go in. He was clearly my pick to win. As it was, they've put in a right assortment of cunts. It's more Fat Camp than Big Bro. One in particular, was pushing the boundaries of revolting, combining a lurid pink dress with acres of back flab, and a face like a run-over Bjork. I was pleased (kind of) that fat gay David went in as he seemed mildly acceptable- well compared to Back Flab, Slaggy and Thicko. I quite liked the old bald virgin teddy-fucker though. They'll never pick him though. Doh!
Why not put in some gorgeous girl? Some bronzed hunk? Why put in the kind of people you'd avoid breathing the same air as on the tube? I want some someone to break up Chziggy or cause a ruck. Instead we've got people who are 'crazy! I'm mad me!' Just fucking die already.

N.B. Lightspeed Champion on BBBM! Genius! LOVE IT!

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