Friday, 13 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Hell Yeah

Well, that was pretty good. That was absolutely fascinating. The interview was unnecessarily weird and the fact that Charley failed to read a hundred signs saying 'this is a fake eviction' was fairly unsurprising.
It was all worth it for Ziggy and Chanelle's face alone. Chanelle looked strangely beautiful in her horror. Charley going from apologetically demure 'I'd fade into the background' to 'do you wanna go back in?' 'HELL, YEAH!' was brilliant. She looked truly evil. When she came in and started running her mouth like a demented chatterbox, it was fucking amazing.
It dawned on me that this whole thing was designed to turn things around for Charley, but Charley is not capable of realising this, and working it to her favour. Instead she is like a demented, wobbly-headed dog, just going on and on and on until oblivion.
The weirdest thing was, she actually looked genuinely embarrassed when they showed clips of her being angry. I actually thought she might change her ways! Silly me.
As for the rest of the show, politicians wearing Lacoste, duvets that can be seen from space, and Chanelle begging Ziggy to come back to bed. All good fun.
I think Charley's return will drive Ziggy and Chanelle back in to eachother's arms.
Beware Sam, Liam, Ziggy, Chanelle.
Thank your lucky stars Brian and Carole.
Everyone else: fucking duck. A war is about to break out.

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