Saturday, 21 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Misery Don't Love Company

'I'm a good writer,' said Charley as I gasped in horror. 'Yeah, I've got really good handwriting.' Oh RIGHT! Loved Chanelle and Gerry dissing her in the diary room.
Loved Ziggy saying 'Do you think she enjoyed it as much as you did?' It spoke VOLUMES.
And so Nicky went. I actually felt a bit sorry for her in the end. I don't think they really needed to drag the Liam thing out so much. Her whinging was quite sufficient. She looked quite sad and embarrassed. It was a shame Nicky was so bitter. She was really beautiful when she smiled. Sadly, nothing made her smile. Shame.
So what did Davina mean at the end, that the house was going to get a taste of the outside world? Them coming out? People coming in?
Just give us what we want, Charley's head on a fucking stick. Surely she heard them chanting tonight? Time for a 'but-when-i-was-aht-there-they-were-booin-Liam-n-Ziggy-
innit?' speech. But she's lost her crowd. They don't believe her anymore. The empire is crumbling around her. And the sooner the better.

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