Thursday, 19 July 2007

Big Brother (not) 8: Who IS she?

Well, I've just come in and am watching BB but there's little to say about it. Except, why were Chziggy in bed together? It really annoys me the way the show is edited these days, they can't string a storyline together. Seeing the make up would have been nice. That shower scene was a bit raunchy. I'm glad they are back together, despite my Ziggy hate. I'm an old romantic at heart. Aw.
And are they trying to save Nicky by making her funny? I'd literally never heard her laugh before and everyone's incredulous faces were quality. She glows when she smiles. But she's still a cunt sock. The Gerry Grease thing was funny though. And Charley and Liam... interesting!
But enough about that: I have my own BB related tale to tell you...
Tonight I was running the writing group. So far, so boring. Yet there was a girl there who seemed strangely familiar. At first I thought she reminded me of my friend Mel. Then there was something about the way she looked and her voice. Then it dawned on me, this girl looked just like Nikki from BB7. I snuck a look at the register where people sign their name, and there it was. She was NIKKI'S sister!!! I won't say her name because she's entitled to her privacy despite falling into my blogging lair by accident.
I spent the rest of the evening staring incredulously as her commenting on people's writing. How strange was that? She was so similar to Nikki, slight build, long blonde hair, same mannerisms, kind of fidgety and pouty (but with glasses). I loved hearing her talk. Nikki had the best voice ever and made me laugh my arse off. Who would have thought Nikki's sister was an intellectual?
No one else recognised her (because they are intellectuals too, except me). I really wanted her to come to the pub after but she left quite sharpish. I would have probably said something to her, I'd have to really wouldn't I! Hopefully she wouldn't be too embarrassed if I did. I hope she comes next week, she seemed really nice. She took a copy of our anthology with her so who knows, Nikki could be reading my poetry as we speak! And if that aint surreal, I don't know what is...

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