Friday, 20 July 2007

Eastenders: Stellar!

Yay a good Eastenders at last. But haven't we waited long enough? And actually, it wasn't all good because there was some unbearable dross with Bert/ Patrick/ Wellard. Normally I forwards through those bits.
So when Ben staggered forwards saying 'can somebody help me?' it was quite harrowing. Bless that little nerd. Phil circling Stella round the pool table was very effective. You knew when she blamed Ian the game was up.
I LOVED it when Peggy said 'Make her pay.' That's the Mitchell way! Phil's acting was brilliant. I was willing him to mush her up with an iron bar. He went all purple! Hurrah. More evil Phil! Sack everyone else, just have Phil going psycho.
So did he push her? Course he did!

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