Friday, 6 July 2007

Big Brother 8: The Fat Lady Leaves

I can't even be bothered to comment on the Ziggy/ Chanelle smoking palava, or the Gerry/ Charely clash (except to say- go Gerry). It's more of the same rubbish really, with Brian offering the odd, unexpected nugget of insight.
Let's talk about tonight. And so the spiteful toad was ejected from the house. Ziggy's open mouth was a picture. It was a triumph for good against evil. A slap in the face for Nicky, Charley and Tracey, as they realised we were on Ziggy's side, not theirs. Laura came out in her manky dressing gown and now can go back to Welsh obscurity. She can shit stir people in her home town instead of on TV. Good riddance. 'It's not a relationship!' Who are YOU to judge that? Even if it's the most dysfunctional relationship on earth, it's still a relationship, so get your beak out.
We sussed the twist immediately when my boyfriend recognised the 'Australian' housemate as the obsessive stalker woman from Balls of Steel (we watch all the classy TV here). Both hers and Big Brother's appalling Australian accents didn't help. A zillion quid says them rumble her in five seconds flat.
The twist NEXT week sounds hilarious! Eviciting someone, giving them an interview, then putting them back in! I love it. That is genuinely creative. And obviously just to save Charley. But what's new? Get used to it, she's going nowhere. One day you'll pull back the curtains and find her barking angrily behind it and going 'Stop shouting! How dare you!' and you'll just have to let her stay because this bitch won't die. She's a robotic zombie from hell. God love her.

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