Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Land of Oz

I enjoyed the soap opera task yesterday and thought Ziggy was well suited to the surfer role. Nicky and Chanelle both looked pretty unhappy with the whole situation, but what's new? Ziggy DID chat up Pauline a little bit, didn't he? Naughty!
Finally the house nominated correctly (on the week we get rid of no one!) In some ways I think Nicky would be better for the fake eviction. She consistently hates all the nicest people in the house (Ziggy, Gerry, Liam) and just comes across like a poisoned crone. Tracey nominated exactly the same way because she's been singing from the same hymn sheet. The trouble is, Tracey thinks she's going to win it. You aint. Deal with it.
Charley may actually kill someone if she goes back in. Whilst I'd love to see it, it might get the show cancelled.
Brian is consistenly dumb and completely lovable. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a joy, and I'd MUCH rather he won it than blokey Liam. However, my heart is still with Gerry who looked pretty cool with his grey hair. I even love Charley when she's being kind to Brian or dressed as a dog.
Pauline is pretty cool, her accent is shaky, but she seems to be doing OK. What she should really do is hack someone off big time (Charley) or snog someone (Ziggy?) Otherwise, what's the point?

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