Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Big Brother 8: I'm Not Sorry

Nominations were par for the course really. I think Charley's time IS up. BB can't save her again, it's time for her to take the walk of shame. Chavs of Borehamwood, you'd better roll out those billboards of her beautiful, angelic face.
Loved Gerry's mum wanting to take him to an island (hopefully not to leave him there or bury him) and loved the wigs.
I also LOVED Charley and Chanelle's row! 'Fuck off you bitch!' 'You scruffy little slut!' Brilliant. Charley always hits below the belt 'you look fuck all like Posh Spice!' Harsh. But great. If in doubt, just shout 'fuck off!' I also like it when Chanelle copies Nikki in the diary room. It's good to see someone venting. The twins did their thousand-yard stare. Why don't they walk off? Why don't they shout 'stop it!' I have visions of them witnessing the horror of war as children then making a pact to wipe the memory by shouting 'pink!' until they can't remember seeing babies entrails and feet being blasted into the air and onto dead dogs and their raped owners.
Talking of dogs... Ziggy's orgasmic response to his Molly said more about how he relates to humans than anything else. The dog growling at him was inadvertently hilarious. Aw it was nice when it licked his face though, and he cried. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Chanelle was a little childish to beat him up about it. She's got the power baton again, though, hasn't she? And she's going to wield it. Until it's Ziggy's go again. In the meantime, Charley is missing a trick if she doesn't come up with some barb about Ziggy's dog to Chanelle.
So in summary, vote Charley, and lets hope for some new housemates. We're going to need a new baddie. And they've got a LOT to live up to.

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