Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Kitchen Police

I just got back from Bright Eyes at Shepherds Bush and squeezed in BB on Sky Plus! What a trouper. Bright Eyes review to follow tomorrow.
A very strange BB tonight. It was quite sad to see Jonathan break down over his dead 104 year old grandma. I didn't expect that. He seems quite a tough guy. And no one can now diss him for his welching earlier in the week. So, bye Jonathan. You did the right thing to leave. Nicky looked absolutely THRILLED to be offering a comforting hug. It was touching when he left.
So Laura and Chanelle are up for the chop. I loved Brian's nominations: 'It's like Sunhill in here, the kitchen police'. Not as stupid as he looks at all. The rest of the nominations were pretty predictable. The knives seem well out for Ziggy and Chanelle.
I think Laura will go. She's an awful woman and has no sense of her own persona outside the house, if she truly thinks she's going to win it, she's deranged. I think she will be expecting Chanelle to go having labelled her a bunny boiler, but if anyone's got the rabbits on the gas it's Ziggy. Chanelle is cool and moody with him. Their row was vaguely amusing and Chanelle is very immature at times. I can't wait to see Laura's face drop on Friday. I don't think Chanelle will take being nominated well at all either.
I am a bit worried about Gerry. He seems to have no allies in the house without Seany. Now Jonathan has gone I hope BB put in a sexy gay man for him.

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