Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Spolit Brat

Chanelle's odds must have dropped faster than Britney's popularity tonight. Having a temper tantrum for five minutes is acceptable, hyperventilating and throwing yourself around the diary room over a violin is just ridiculous.My boyfriend left the room about five minutes in and is still watching the new Die Hard on my laptop as we speak (I've been relagated to the frigging Mac of Doom). Which is Chanelle's fault! Just fucking leave then, you dopey cunt! She DOES talk to Ziganoid like he's a piece of shit. She's dumb because that was what pushed him away last time.
Weirdly though, when Ziggy performed the most badly sung, unsexy (although very funny) performance of 'love on the Northern Line' (er Ziggy, the Northern Line smells like sweaty socks, try the Piccadilly mate) Chanelle suddenly fell in love with him again. 'My boyfriend's a POPSTAR!' Um, no. He was. In 1946. Now he's a wrinkly old fossil.
At one point when Chanelle was wigging out Liam looked at the camera and for just one second, you could read his mind. Perfect.
The Charley trap juggered on like a creaky old train heading for the knackers yard. 'Chanelle's copying me!' Yeah, what a role model you are. Bitch knickers.
Tracey was mildly funny as Cowell and took her sexual assault from Ziggy in good spirits.
I LOVED it when Brain's family told him to 'sort your bloody hair out'. Yay.


* (asterisk) said...

The twins are so dumb. On BBLB last night they showed a clip of one of the twins asking, "Was I alive in the '90s? When were the '90s?"

Chanelle's stock went way down with that bizarre tantrum, just because she didn't want to do something she was perfectly capable of. Very odd.

lightupvirginmary said...

I saw that too... were they joking? I hope they were.