Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

My God! At work this morning people were talking about how bad this was but I had taped it. So I've just watched it. They weren't wrong were they!?
I thought she might actually be mildly misunderstood. I've seen things of her before where she seemed mildly amusing. Instead the failed attempts at humour were utterly cringeworthy. She came across like a right pompous twat. Sarky but with no charm. I don't think she was 'sending herself up'. She was pretending to.
Her commenting on fashion just made her look like a stuck-up cow. All the money in the world can't buy you style and she looks like ET with Elliot's mum's sunglasses on half the time. Bragging about her Bentley was just gross too. All this grooming and spending didn't stop your husband copping off with someone else, did it?
The real clincher was when she called her 'personal assistant' fat! Then she went, 'well you're more normal looking.' Charming!
Posh did actually look pretty in the head shots of her. She has a bambi-esque quality to her. It's a shame she's so uptight. Personally I don't find Beckham in the least bit attractive. I think he's aged badly.
I was also really revolted by all of her hangers on who were probably all paid to be nice to her. I actually nearly turned it off then because it wasn't funny, and it wasn't even interesting. I should have- because the end was just embarrassing.
Soulless, vapid TV. But really: what did we expect?

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