Thursday, 12 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Interestinger and Interestinger

To quote Charley. Unfortunately she's wrong. Hers and Nicky's poker faces were pretty useless, I must say. What part of 'don't talk about nominations' don't you understand? Really they should have booted them by now. Instead they've got a free reign of terror. Poor Gerry. He also suffered from what looked like the usual hatchet job Big Brother edit. If Charley threw water first, they should really have shown that.
I LOVE the twins staring into space throughout all the fights. If one of them just lost it one day and just screamed the house down, they could win the bloody thing. Sadly, this won't happen.
The plane thing was ill-conceived- it would have been much more effective if just two or three of them had seen it. As it was, even Brian could suss it was an almighty farce.
Ziggy! How naughty is he? I often spend an evening in bed in my underwear with my ex-boyfriend whilst he cuddles me, says it's all off then strokes my hair. Actually, no I don't because that would be INSANE!
A zillion quid says they've shagged (again?) by this time next week.

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