Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Straight up- I'm not being the clown

Oh, but you are. I feel like there's tumbleweed blowing over my blog at the moment but still I soldier on. I'm not a quitter. I will chronicle the adventures in Nobody Land until Davina's last gurn.
Firstly, I really, really HATE Carole. Not dislike; pure hate. She is a fun hater. Admittedly, the twins and Ziggy's fights aren't funny in the slightest but her going 'what was it? what was it?' about the mystery substance smeared over Amanda's face was really disturbing. Who cares what it was? It's not yours. It's not your house. You're not their mum. JUST FUCK OFF! My favour for Ziggy almost wobbled upwardly until he decided to confide in Charley again: if he had any guts he'd say 'I'm not discussing my relationship with Chanelle with you.' Instead he always throws her a fucking bone. It's no wonder Chanelle is going out of her head. I don't buy all this, 'you hate her more than me' stuff. Ziggy used to hate Charley JUST as much as Chanelle. Until Charley lied that she was popular. Then Ziggy was revealed.
Oh and wasn't that interesting, Charley admitting she exaggerated about the Charley-love at the eviction! I thought she may have genuinely believed it, but no, she's fully aware she talks shit. She can't even plead ignorance as a defence.
Talking of ignorant, Brian made me cry with laughter when he talked about Big Brother hitting puberty. I know he's a popular choice, but he might be overtaking Gerry for me as a pick to win. I get annoyed when Gerry can't pronounce his 'h's.
PS. Nicky, you do deserve to be up. PPS: You also deserve a shovel in the face.

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* (asterisk) said...

I think it's sweet when Gerry says "si" instead of "she"!