Sunday, 15 July 2007

Big Brother 8: I Know It's Over

Hands up who didn't want to knock Charley's teeth out as she rambled on incessantly about her star treatment at the hands of the Big Brother eviction crowd? Honestly, I would not have been surprised if she'd said that Davina had personally rolled out a red carpet for her and asked her where she got her pants (off Chanelle's arse by the looks of things). Does Charley really believe it? Who knows? I do know you'd have to have the patience of a saint not to shout 'SHUT UP!' in her braying, braggy face.
What about all the horrible things CHARLEY said in the chair with Davina? She dissed Ziggy's highlights. Had a go at Chanelle. But this gets forgotten. The injustice of the whole situation is enough to drive you to distraction. Even Liam was kissing arse a little bit. Notice how when they hear 'get Charley out' shouted over the wall they spare her feelings? She'd be in there with a fucking loudspeaker passing on the news with glee. So well done to Gerry and Chanelle for still daring to hate her even if we, the British public, have decided to crown her as our next monarch.
My congratulations cannot extend to Ziggy, however. Yes, I have a confession to make, my love affair with the Zigster ended tonight. I always took his flakiness and bullshit before as him genuinely wanting to do the right thing, or at least look like he was. And I always thought he had his heart in the right place, despite his vaguely Neanderthal views about women and dating. But I cannot defend his behaviour tonight. When he said 'get over yourself' to Chanelle I actually wanted to throttle the vain, pompous cunt. He wouldn't know how to 'get over himself' if Donny Tourette was there to give him a fucking leg up. Chanelle had every right to be pissed off about that, and he was bang out of order to say that in front of everyone. Kowtowing to Charley now he mistakenly believes she is popular is just sickening, and proves that he will literally say whatever makes him look good at the time. To top this off, he continues to string Chanelle along. Bless her, she is going to be so furious when she leaves the house and realises he isn't the be all and end all, he's just a smarmy user. I felt genuinely sorry for her tonight. I would LOVE a Charley vs Chanelle head to head.

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* (asterisk) said...

i haven't crowned Charley. She's a prize twat. Not even a prize twat. A consolation twat. Hate hate hate.