Monday, 23 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Space Isn't Blue

I liked Big Brother tonight. I liked the fact they all got lots of messages from the outside world in the form of the TV task because it made them feel less isolated. I enjoyed the Family Fortunes-style game, especially Charley's protest that she wasn't the been called the most stylish because 'she often wore her pyjamas during the day'. Can you even describe what colour or style Charley's pyjamas are, because I can't.
I loved the news reading task even though it made me think Charley looked cute in her glasses and blonde wig. I'm glad Chanelle knows about the Spice Girls reforming, and I'm glad Ziggy likes her again, even though he was a prize cuntrag.
So was Gerry sad about his mum or being named 'least likely to be recognised'? I think it's probably a close runner. But I was touched at the end when they all tried to cheer him up (even Charley!) Liam in particular often has an uncanny way of saying the right thing at the right time, and seems genuinely kind (he's still dull, but hey ho.)
I like the loved up BB house. I'll enjoy it for one night only.

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