Sunday, 29 July 2007

Big Brother 8: It's Not You, It's Me

I was away at a friends this weekend, and was jolted from my chips-by-the-seaside reverie by another friends text message saying Chanelle had left BB. Actually she hadn't/ hasn't. But who could really blame her if she does? I hope Ziggles knows that if she does, his name will be dirt FOREVER. I was so glad she called him up on it when he tried to force-feed her a bumper pack of flannels and said 'it's not you it's me'. What a cunt. And what was that whole Chanelle fancying Liam thing about? What rubbish. Ziggy is just playing games now. Chanelle was actually right about Gonky the glamour model, it was a bit strange the way she came in and spent five minutes dissing everyone before saying 'hello.' Where are your manners, love?
David seems OK, even if he's bursting out of his clothes and wearing a scarf in July. Gerry is DESPERATE to keep him in, but will be succeed? Kara Louise- dunno, not seen enough of her yet. Jonty: clearly barking. Do you know ONE grown adult in life who goes to sleep cuddling a teddy bear? Me neither. Gerry was right though, Tracey seemed genuinely fearful of him. Chances of Jonty becoming a housemate? Zero.
And then there is Shanessa. 'How do you get to be Jewish?' Christ. I loved it when she stood there with a hideously saggy tit out, too. She makes Kinga look like Kate Middleton. Chances of her becoming a housemate? Minus zero. Chances of her copping off with Jonty? 50/50?
I'm liking Liam a little more for every pound of muscle of his that turns into flab.

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