Sunday, 8 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Fake Week

OK, let's see how much information I have retained about tonights Big Brother considering I had a VERY late night. I think simple bullet points might be the easiest option:

1. Nicky is evil and there's no saving her. Her cruelty towards Gerry is unforgivable, and that Liam sussed her arguing tactics is to his credit. As if demoralising him via the double pronged attacked of the whiney voice and 'don't shout at me!' wasn't enough she topped it off with butchering his hairdo. Gerry's 'it's very nice- it will grow back- it's horrible' summed him up as a true gentleman. If someone had done that to her hair I can only imagine the fuss.

2. Charley and Brian make a great double act with the thick leading the thick. But we even caught Charley in reflective mode again today, contemplating why she is so angry.

3. It was interesting that the only people who contemplated the new housemate was fake were Charley (shrewd) and Carole (pessimist). I hope it doesn't hurt Gerry too much when the truth comes out.

4. Carole is a twat. Her pretending she knew all about the Australian 'delicacies' just showed that you can bullshit for Britain as long as you do it to someone stupider than you, and with an air of authority. Her nagging about the housework is beyond a joke. At least you love your own mum when she nagged you as a kid, they ow nothing to Carole. You appointed herself house drudge so no shit they all abuse you. Just stop doing it, you control freak.

5. Ziggy/ Chanelle- I think she really has fallen for him, and he is cruel to her in sending such mixed messages. What I wanna know is, did Ziggy know she had a boyfriend?

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