Friday, 6 July 2007

Big Brother 8: Paint it Black

I only got the chance to watch this today but it was a return to form actually.
Why do they all like Laura so much in the house? She'd better go tonight. She never even said sorry when they told her off for saying 'poof'. Unless they edited it out. either way, she's a miserable fucker.
Charley painting her naked body was a pure wind-up for Chanelle and therefore a desperate work of genius. Ziggy pretending not to look was funny.
'Let's stay in here tonight and have a bit of fun...' was pure sleaze. Bring on that fabled Big Brother pre-eviction last-ditch nominations-grab shag. Woo!
Brian's hypnosis of 'you'd be a lot more fun if you worked in McDonalds' Gerry and Amanda was odd. I wouldn't trust someone so stupid to fetch me a cuppa let alone put me in a trance. 'Big Brother can't take away my brain!' No, he certainly can't.
The Animal Alphabet was fun. Why WAS Gerry going to buy a ferret? Is the ferret a natural enemy of the rat? The mind boggles. The Xyloclitorsaurus was pretty good- a Jurassic Fanny, no less. I like the double act of Gerry and Brian.
Tracey, Charley and Nicky bitching about the twins was like watching a hoodie kick a kitten. Not becoming. It really annoys me the way they all presume Chanelle is going. I hope they get a nasty shock tomorrow. If Chanelle does say, it will be interesting to see if Ziggy starts worshipping Chanelle more. But what does he know, he's just a failed pop star. Ha!

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