Saturday, 18 August 2007

Film Review: Children of Men

I very much liked the sets in this film despite the extent of future technology seeming to be hovering TV and computer screens and a load of bad cover versions on the radio. Would we really still have the same £5 notes? I predict fivers will be obsolete in 20 years. And the upholstery on the bus! Hopefully they'll change that before the Olympics. Am I being optimistic?
I like Clive Owen always, even though he seems a bit cheap in films, for some reason. He's not A list, is he? The premise of the story was good but the dialogue was a bit ropey 'Walk away! just like you always do!' and 'I think about that baby every day.' Vomit. I've heard all that a zillion times before. Also, 'She's pregnant.' No shit. I thought she was just doing a sultry strip tease for the cows. Patronise us much?
Apaprt from these niggles (and I am pedantic) I enjoyed the hippy Michael Caine (with his 'Dennis Hopper in True Romance' style sacrifice), the slowest car getaway in history and the general feeling of moodiness (very 28 Days Later).
I found the end really draggy though, I can't stand prolonged fight/war scenes and it just made me feel anxious, especially with a bloody baby crying all the way through. A world without children? Sounds alright to me.

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Red said...

I used to loathe Clive Owen... Hello? Croupier, anyone?

Then I sat through that abysmal excuse for a film that was Closer. Compared to Jude Law and Natalie Portman's pathetic attempts at acting, the Clivester actually came out pretty darn good.

And then I saw Inside Man, in which he was outstanding. The man is growing, more power to him.