Friday, 17 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Wolves!

And so the spasticated British public put up Gerry: kind, flawed, clever, funny Gerry. I cried! I haven't cried at Big Brother for years. But I almost fainted in Morrissons today so it's not my fault, I'm just feeling weak. It all happened exactly as we'd feared. Because we know them all too well.
And so the house is left with it's 'mother figure' except this mother figure has Munchausen's Syndrome: this mother figure does not throw herself on the sword to save a young man, she sits and weeps and says nothing. This mother figure bullied Gerry relentlessly all week and the rest of the housemates stood by and said nothing. They deserve to starve. The rest of the housemates can kiss my arse frankly. Liam: sexist. Brian: thick. Twins: spineless. Ziggy: useless. Kara-Louise: pointless. Jonty: ineffectual. Tracey: cliche.
And the worst part of it was 49% of the GBP voted for Carole. So Big Brother has pissed off half of it's viewers! Brilliant! What an amazing twist! You stupid thick fuckers. Seriously, let Freddie and Monkety Tunkety produce the show, they could probably do better.
So what did I enjoy tonight? Ziggy, Liam and Brian's conversation was quite funny. I felt for Brian when Amanda said she wanted to 'just be fwends' and Sam looked like she'd heard it a thousand times before. I could have killed Carole when she started a row about... water!
The only thing that can save the show is to put Chanelle back in and lets see Carole really sweat.
I loved Gerry's interview. He was so out of touch defending Carole, and backing her to win. I hope he goes out and gets fucked good and proper. He deserves it. Enjoy your two weeks of fame Gerry. You DID earn it.
And do you know who my pick to win is now... well not my pick, but who I WANT. Jonty! Christ. Says it all, doesn't it.


Red said...

We skipped the first hour, watched 21 Up South Africa instead (taped from earlier in the week), then tuned in for the eviction. We had no idea who was coming out. Imagine how gutted I was when I realized it was Gerry and not that old hag.

Colour me blue. :(

And in spite of her getting 40% of the vote. They really are taking the piss out of the people who spend money voting. I think they should have evicted the moan-meister and then put the next two people with the highest number of votes up for the gurus to decide. In fact, why let these fuckers decide anything at all? They don't have a brain cell between them.

lightupvirginmary said...

I heartily agree. It was awful as it actually happened, Gerry was so gracious and Carole said nothing! How selfish. I'm sick of the lot of 'em.