Friday, 10 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Too Sexy

I thought Chanelle was going back in? Booo. Wish she had. I wanna see her kick Carole! I want to see Ziggy's tongue fall out. My boyfriend says Ziggy is better since Chanelle left but I don't think he is. He, Liam and Tracey are smug as fuck.
So the eviction was a bit dull but I enjoyed the fashion show tonight. I thought Gerry looked amazing and the girls looked very sexy.
It was gross to see the way Liam treated Amy: giving her the brush off, slagging her to Tracey then beckoning her into bed. Proper teenage stuff and completely vile. He is scum. He's not even good-looking and his northern dialect is getting ridiculous. Alreet-canny-lass-hooose! DICKHEAD!
It would have been better to lose Kara-Louise. Why did they put her in? think of five of your mates. They are more interesting than her, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

This is going to sound a bit odd but I came across a comment of yours while dispassionately perusing the post-show bits of Morrissey-solo. I just had to laugh when you said that you missed the entire Sunday at Glastonbury because the mud was ‘annoying’ you. I went to the festival that weekend and I too remember being distinctly pissed off on the Sunday after falling out with my mate and having to contend with the ‘beastly mud and oomska.’ So funny – I actually waited about an hour for a bus to take me out of there in the early hours of Sunday morning. None turned up so I trudged back in. By mid-morning I wondered what the hell I’d been thinking and had a great day. Everyday is Like Sunday was ‘perfect’ and that evening was one of the best nights of my life … but until now I always looked back and thought I bet I’m the only person who would possibly have sacrificed a whole day of Glastonbury (and more importantly: a Morrissey gig!) because of the rain or feeling pissed off. I now know I wasn’t alone! lol Cheers for that (it could only have been a another Morrissey fan somehow :)

lightupvirginmary said...

Haha I love that story, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one... well done for sticking it out- my friends said it was a great gig too and the sun came out apparently!
Went to Glastonbury this year by coach so was forced to endure the monsoon: it's character building though, isn't it?
What's your name on Moz solo?

Anonymous said...

lol. Glad you appreciated that one.
Its 'Alan Benedict'

Anonymous said...

It's not very interesting though - haven't added any content yet!