Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Big Brother 8: Dysfunctional Family

I'm meant to be writing my new story but the action packed Big Brother highlights are tempting me from the path of righteousness. NOT. How boring? I could literally cry for what they've done to this series.
Carole shows a 36-year-old how to wash up. Ziggy bitches about Carole but doesn't dare stand up to her. The silence in the house is deathly. It had more life in it when it was just fucking Dean and Elizabeth there in about 1947.
Jonty and Kara get dominated and are expected to 'deal with it'. (I wrote dominated instead of nominated by accident and that's about right) They are treated as sub-human because they weren't there back in the day. It's not exactly their fault is it? Ziggy, Liam and Brian are a bullying bunch. 'There must be something good about them,' says Liam about the newcomers, charm personified. He's looking more like Peter Kay by the day.
Jonty was spot on in the diary room for calling the others out for not nominating people they actually dislike. Very perceptive. How ridiculous. I'd blatantly nominate people who pissed me off.
The dinner was cringeworthy. I have a dysfunctional family of my own, I don't want to watch them bickering over dinner either.
Tracey crying over a cigarette: DEAL WITH IT! They are nominating you because you are a CUNT. Deal. With. It.
Haha, how funny, Ziggy not daring to do the shopping list, but putting Brian up for it. Ooh, I was impressed when he went and told Carole like it was. For like two seconds. Oh, then she blubbed again! Wow! Carole: 'It takes weeks to learn how to do the list..' WEEKS! YEARS OF TRAINING! She put in the hours! Leave her be. Urghhhhhhhhhhh.


* (asterisk) said...

Pray tell, BB guru, what is the deal with Chanelle going back into the house? I've seen it on t'front of t'paper, but that's all I know...

lightupvirginmary said...

I dont know actually, there's been rumours for a bit. I hope she does. I hope she goes back in shits on Carole's worktops, quite frankly. :-)