Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Anne Widdecombe Vs Prostitution

Christ! Did you see that top she was wearing? I'm a fan of horizontal stripes myself but my boobs don't look like two wonky melons having a streetfight (I hope!)
Anyway. That's not the point. Anne Widdecombe moved in with some people who lived in a prolific area for curb crawling. (Haven't they suffered enough?) I felt sorry for the poor men trying to pick up hookers and coming face to face with Anne Widdecombe. I felt more sorry for the actual prostitutes. Apparently one in twenty men has used a prostitute! YUCK! How revolting. It is men who are to blame for this industry. Not all men, mind, just the horrible pervy ones.
Anne interviewed a 26 year old prostitute called Colette who looked about 40. She got the mother of a murdered prostitute to give her a pep talk. The trouble is, how can you reason with a heroin addict? The only thing they want is more heroin. They'll do anything. It's awful, but what does Widdecombe know about anything? About real life? She bombs round like a weeble getting in people's faces but she understands nothing.
This programme was over in a flash. So did AW solve the problem? Did she clean up the streets? Er... no. That was a waste of time then.


Anonymous said...

I think I had it on with the sound down while listening to Richard Hawley’s new lp. Seemed to work quite nicely lol. Yeah, I dunno what it is about Anne Widdecombe; she IS a weeble (great word!), a sort of well meaning busy body that shouldn’t really be on telly at all, but out of harm’s way, washing pots at the village luncheon club or something. Politicians are part of the problem and not the solution. Why anyone would choose to be a Tory defies belief. Their legacy is completely reprehensible and they’ve never done anything to prevent urban depravation and crime and all that, they’ve only made it worse. It’s so easy for people like her to announce their abhorrence: “It’s dangerous, it’s immoral.” Do something then y’mad old trout.
Hear Hear!

lightupvirginmary said...

Anne Widdecombe thinks 'normal' sex is immoral! I mean, who does she think she is, Morrissey? ;-)