Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: Not because of that reason

I watched some funny live feed earlier with Victor and Nasty Nick doing their own TV show from the nest, slagging off the other housemates (he said Michelle Bass was a spent force!). Probably won't make the highlights as nothing past midnight does. Victor was giving his verdict on everyone and everything, it was good. They also dipped the sound on a conversation that sounded very much like they were saying George Lamb had snogged Nadia! WTF.
Victor= pervert. Ulrika. Five million people aren't watching this. Makosi needs to give Ulrika some of her curves.
Victor looks like the Sith in that hooded cloak.
Makosi nommed Brian! Competition. I hope EUREKA does go. A coat hanger would have more pizazz.
Chantelle looks funny when she screams! Nikki looks funny when she gets a shock. I'm surprised she's not crying. Nick: 'Nadia doesn't do cooking.'
Looks like the Nikki/ Chantelle feud aint over.
Brian's puke was quite impressive.
Makosi's gloves! Fabulous. What you see is what you get (unfortunately).
Victor does not mince his words, does he! His attitude to almost everything is mind-boggling. But he's the funniest person in that house, by a mile.
Makosi is actually providing some quite good entertainment this year. She's mad as fuck.
Listening to Chantelle and Ulrika clucking about blokes is like listening to Loose Women.
Rimming! Makosi isn't respecting her country is she? It's like jacuzzi-gate all over again. WELL DONE ULRIKA. We could have heard something juicy then, instead we get your turkey neck flapping. It's ironic that someone who is hung out to dry as a floozy is such a fucking prude.
Makosi! Your mother doesn't want to hear about your rim job either!
Victor winding Makosi up was a treat.
Craig! Is he plotting a very dirty plan? He looks emaciated! They aint spending much on the tasks for UBB are they? Recycling those old tasks and putting up a shed? Come on now.
I thought they did quite well. They should let them keep the shed.
That trick was cruel! CRAIG HAS TURNED NASTY.
IS Brian going to win? I'm not so sure. I reckon Chantelle, Nikki or Victor might be in with a chance.
LOL to Nick and Victor slagging Ulrika! Outrageous. So glad Victor went in and brought Nasty Nick's bad side out.
Nadia- Preston's divorce is none of your business.
Double eviction! I hope Ukrika and Makosi go. Don't let me down.

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