Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: Endless Gub(bins)

Sozzles I didn't do a blog last night, I had a headache and it was beyond me! The only real thought I had last night was that there are ALL KINDS of body shapes in that house. And I mean all kinds, from Makosi's bosoms, to Ulkrika's arms.
Nice of Makosi to say 'gay people are just like me and you' to a TRANSSEXUAL. Fuck ME.
How is Brian 'playing on being gay'? Actually, don't answer that. He IS interviewing people, though.
Preston looks like his glasses should be sellotaped together. He can't remember what they used to argue about? Dangerous ground!
Ulrika and Verne doing that song was shit at the time, and will be even shitter without Verne's gravitas. My boyfriend said, 'I thought they were going to miniaturise Nick'. HEH! They should have got Ben in to play keyboards.
Who do Victor and Nick call 'the wasp'? Don't worry Big Brother will provide 'wasp-ease'. WTF is that?
The diary room chair from Makosi's chair RULED! Yeah Big Brother got that wasp to sting Makosi as part of a task! Idiots.
I kind of like Makosi this year, it's weird! I couldn't STAND HER before. I think she's really funny this year. The mobile phone thing was cool.
Ahmed! That made me LOL. What a terrible housemate he was! AWFUL! He probably enjoyed smashing that shit up. He looks exactly the same.
Ulrika: you look like a cadaver. I can't even appreciate her off the back of Shooting Stars; she's carried on that show too.
Victor is using the 'alliance' speak! Get him on BBUSA. Nasty Nick: 'they'll get together for 300K'. LOL. I'm glad Victor came in there and brought out the REAL NICK!
Why aren't they showing Nick and Vic's BBLBC show from the nest?! It is totally cringeworthy but they should still show a bit of it!
Nikki snoring rant! You can't 'take something' for snoring- well, maybe arsenic. She's rehashing 'i'm soooooo cold'. She needs to put a bit more effort in. I didn't agree when Nikki said she was a small fish. She OWNS them other housemates. She's first class.

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