Friday, 3 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: Green doesn't show on TV

I'm away and still blogging! Dedicated.
Nikki can get away with acting like a brat because she has CHARM, Ulrika. You should try it.
Who's bum is wiggling against the shower! Outrageous.
Green doesn't show on TV! Can someone break that to Wimbledon viewers. Makosi is GOLD! Keep her in.
That 'Nadia's nuts' sign is transphobic.
UGH Antony Hutton makes me SICK. SEXIST PRICK. He must be gutted she's in UBB and he's not.
OMG that was the funniest conversation EVER in the garden. It was just fingers. 'I'm sorry about the mix up'!!! LOL! Makosi has honesty tourettes.
I liked it when Victor looked at the camera and laughed when Ulrika was getting aerated.
Ulrika vs Nadia. Here's the deal: they're BOTH CUNTS. I'm so not interested in this row. I wish they'd show Victor and Nick's antics instead.
Nadia is right though: Ulrika does not represent what the show is about. She's just taking the money and that's wrong.
Preston was loving the Kandy Floss task! Victor's gold trunks.
Ooh Victor in that flashback was proper aggressive. He's like a mellow old uncle now.
VANESSA FELTZ! I like Vanessa Feltz. I don't want her now though! I want Rex or Pete or Brian Belo! Not more celebrities. But if it had to be a celebrity, why not Pete Burns? Was ANYONE on the planet going 'oh I hope it's Vanessa feltz going in'. Except Turnaround dude, obv.
OMG just looked on Twitter and Rex was willing to go in and they didn't bother! WTF? Are they INSANE? REX! BELO! These are our UBBs not fucking Ulrika and Vanessa Feltz!
It's not that BB don't know their audience, it's that they know their audience, and don't give a FUCK about them. Disgraceful.
Show two. Aw it's Makosi. Well, she's redeemed herself in my eyes. I think she's a good housemate.
Did Nikki say about Nadia 'she's got her period'! Ouch.
Oh well, at least Makosi got a friendly interview with Davina this time. LOL Paul Mckenna is Jesus. Truth!
Nadia. It must be gutting to have won it and to get booted. It's gotta hurt. Nadia looks like she's got her nightie on. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ULRIKA.
It's not nice seeing this, actually. I feel a bit sorry for Nadia. It feels like when Jade was built up and knocked down.
That was quite horrible and emotionally damaging, I think.
Vanessa. No doubt she'll chum up with Ulrika and it will be really boring.
Sad show tonight and it should have been a good 'un. One week left. These are dark days.

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