Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Come Dine With Me: Big Brother Winners

I kind of feel like they should have put this on once UBB is finished as an extra little treat. Given Nadia's recent treatment, it seems strangely sour.
I think this show is going to make me pine for Brian Belo a bit.
Sophie's got Brandon Flowers mouth. She obviously spent her winnings on new tegs.
Brian D has got video entry phone. Very Belle de Jour. Belo's brought rose wine. Class. And his humming whilst he ate was also a nice touch.
Oh, Nadia. She's not the nation's favourite anymore. From winner to sinner!
I don't care if you're gay, Brian D, if you groped my boobs like that I'd break your fucking face.
LOL to Brian B falling off his chair in disgust at the Dannii Minogue look. 'Why has she done her head like that for?' Brilliant! Aw, I want Brian in the Ultimate BB house! He's special.
Does Belo have a swimming pool in his house?! I like Nadia's laugh. Her attitude problem is all part of the package, really.
Nadia's house looks nice. I'd like to lodge there. I don't think Sophie has got the hang of the 'strapless dress'. You're meant to wear a strapless bra, dogface (sorry, I promised I wouldn't rise to that memory of prolonged sexism).
Sophie's teeth look GOOFY. I can't STAND veneers. Eleven grand she spent on those fuckers. Everyone who voted for her; be ashamed. Ah, I kinda like her though.
Brian's making YOGURT TOP! LOL. I'm surprised his mum isn't helping. This is the chavviest Come Dine With Me ever.
Brian's soup looked REVOLTING. His bedroom and video collection was ace though!
Nadia is PISSED!
OMG to Belo feeling up Sophie! OUTRAGEOUS! That's not tickling your back, that's feeling your arse.
Sophie looks like Bugs Bunny now. She looks like her lips are struggling to fit over her gums now. Her kitchen looks enormous! I like her little hair bow, anyway.
OMG her outfit! Don't show your fanny off when you're cooking, it's unhygenic.
Nadia is being a cunt! Sophie's cooking burgers and nachos. Belo will be pleased.
Nadia and Belo BOTH look smashed. Nadia calling Brian D obnoxious!
OMG Nadia's lost it. I think one of her screws has fallen out. She's fucking mental.
That was the worst food ever seen on CDWM. But also one of the most entertaining!

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