Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: Not so slick man

Victor to win! Who else considers the E4 viewer? NO ONE. His and Nick's charade is cringeworthy, but it's better than watching people SLEEP.
I'm starting to think Preston is quite cruel for even going in there. I guess maybe he didn't know she'd be so affected. But now it's just uncomfortable. Ulrika: 'it's not for me to say.' STFU then.
It looks like it's a full time job straightening Michelle's hair. She's using TWO sets of straighteners! WTF. Hardcore.
Vanessa has such a genuine interest in people! I love the way she quizzes people.
Victor plus the tree equals mega devilment.
Nick is so creepy. Victor is tanking on this task. LOL to him waving the dictaphone round in disgust! He always delivers! Except now.
Oh, Nikki. What a sad story about her anorexia. How she ever passed the pysch test, I don't know. She is deeply damaged. Vanessa is nosy but caring. That was genuinely sad.
Victor- sex tape gate. His exes must be thrilled. Take your sunglasses off and put the tree costume on.
WTF are they making Victor wear, he looks like a giant turd. Oh, Victor, you buffoon.
KLOSH! It's Daft Pink! Victor was a sport in that task. Nikki wouldn't have knocked back that cow urine. Brian Dowling is not helping. It's like Come Dine With Me all over again.
Proposal talk! Chantelle had to hand that ring back! Wack. I wouldn't have given that prick the ring back. Can you imagine the moment she gave it back? Grim.
Oh god 'come see the dogs' was just heartbreaking.
Nick and Victor citing 'if it was America' and talking about 'the block'. I love it! BB USA rules.
Spin the bottle! Subtle. Ulrika and Nick! Deffo up for it. Love and hate- it's a fine line. At least Ulrika's game. That was fun!
Victor is getting out of his tree! It's a joke 'ting. Aw to Nick and Nikki love in.
Victor is taking creative control of his styling! Victor FTW.

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