Monday, 6 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: You do lie detector

Oops, missed the first few minutes due to BT Vision fail.
I don't like the 'fun' nominations! I want serious hardcore nominations! ARE Nasty Nick's phobias in that box? And what are they.
Victor's nominating Brian! Hehe! Love it. His rapping was ace. Ah, Chantelle too. he is running scared. Vanessa voted the same as Victor! Suspicious.
Vanessa shouldn't be eligible to be nominated!
What geeky movies does Preston like?
Ooh the votes are really split.
Chantelle needs to go back to rapping school. Argh, we still can't get rid of Ulrika! WTF.
I'd like Michelle to go out of her, Vanessa and Nick. Interesting Victor got no nominations! I love Victor! It would be so much better if he won than Chantelle or Brian again.
I love the way Vanessa goes on. What's Ulrika frowning at?
Victor and Nick must be fuming Vanessa is getting her own TV show segment!
Nikki's self-parodying! BB really is eating itself.
Preston looked twitchy when Chantelle started crying. It's probably not going to help his 'career' to be a heartbreaker.
Vanessa vs Ulrika! LOLs. I want to see tomorrow's edition of Feltz, it sounded good.
Preston's idea of 'making headway' is him going 'oh this is really great we get on' whilst Chantelle cries her eyes out ever ten minutes. I don't think he dares sit her down and talk to her because he's frightened of what she'll say.
Do they give you a free American Apparel hoodie as you walk in the BB house? Sam Pepper, crab eyes, Preston.
I like Nikki's flowery dress. Not really sure why anyone nominated Michelle. She's not so bad.
Although I'm really enjoying UBB there's not that much to blog about it. Only one more week of blogging BB. I need to download some music, quick!

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