Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: You're like Bruce Forsyth

Watched some live feed when I got in and Victor is DESPERATE to win. So, so desperate. But I think he deserves it over Brian! He's putting in the spadework. he's plotting and scheming and analysing; he's a bigger fan than me and that's saying something! Nick alluded to having some mystery illness in the early hours which made me laugh. How can you believe anything he says? I remember that sword!
I'm getting deja vu with this following thing; zzz.
Sad Vanessa's gone, she was talking a lot of sense on live feed last night. I liked what she said about Nikki, that no matter what she did, she couldn't help just liking her. It was really sweet. And it's true, with some people you'll forgive them anything, because they just tickle your fancy. Some people just fit you. That's the way it is.
kinda sucks to see Davina in the house; she's been intolerable for years but her shine has really worn off now. Who cares what she thinks about anything when she thinks it's OK to make transphobic jokes about Nadia on BBBM? On BBBM, I watched the last one and the only good bit was where they showed a montage of all the best fights.
Davina is just false, false, false. They even denied us hearing Davina say 'fuck' because they put the Big Brother EVE show on at 8pm! What a crock. It's the final insult.
Davina tells Chantelle to stop crying and then says something guaranteed to upset her! Dur. Letters from home! I've never seen Chantelle awake on that live feed after 12. So she doesn't deserve to win.
I don't like Brian's grey jersey scarf much. He DOES look like Eammon. I'm over him, TBH.
Preston, you've done NOTHING! You're useless. At least you had a little pop at George Galloway before.
Aw to Nikki thinking Big Brother was uncancelled!
Michelle didn't look too pleased that her fiancee had organised the wedding, did she? Bring back Chicken Stu!
Ulrika has not left a big empty void; well, not since John Leslie's career. But at least that was something to thank her for.
LOVE NIKKI. I really hope she comes out top three. I'd love to see her and Victor in the final two.
My boyfriend is moaning about Davina going 'you're my favourite' to people and saying 'what's the point?' Well none of the housemates even so much as thanked her!
I don't like seeing Nasty Nick smile, it's wrong somehow. Especially with that mystery health problem, he'll do himself an injury.
Victor to Davina: 'you're like Bruce Forsyth'. Yes, in more ways than one. Victor is hitting on Davina! He was frinking on her on the live feed too.
I think I preferred it when she went in as a hen and got cornered.
There's no 'will they, won't they' with Chantelle and Preston. It's 'won't'.
This 'sex face' discussion is being sensitively handled by Brian.
Aw to Nikki's sad BB-ending rant. I know how she feels. Eleven years! I've gone from a teenage to being 30! WTF.
Ulrika's speech to Vanessa was about as warm-hearted as a cuddle from her would be.
Nasty Nick's got his dating in the dark jacket on! LOL.
Nikki unimpressed with Vanessa eviction! I never knew you could make a wish when you see a rainbow! I'm in debt by about 1000 rainbows. Nasty Nick killed the radio star! Nikki's bitter because she didn't see the rainbow. Preston didn't know about the rainbow either.
Preston didn't look too comfortable dancing to Take That. Victor seemed to know all the words though!
Why is Victor telling Chantelle Preston is into her when he said very directly earier he wasn't? Bit late to start shit-stirring now. Perhaps he knows it's a vote to save from here on in.
Didn't like it when Preston asked Chantelle if she was going to do an interview. Course she is!
Now the end is near. We must face the final curtain. Take my hand. Get the vodka in. It's going to be a LONG night.

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