Monday, 13 September 2010

Album: Brandon Flowers - Flamingo

What is the point of a solo project? Surely it's so you can do something that's the complete opposite of what you normally do. Surely this record should be Brandon Flowers does electro (The Killers cover of Four Winds by Bright Eyes was excellent and put a totally new spin on it).
But from what I've heard so far (only Crossfire) it just sounds like the Killers, but without the funny-looking ones to laugh at. I don't really get it, and I can't help feeling a bit sorry for them. But I'm fairly confident I'm going to like this. So let's see.
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas clunks a bit as a title and meanders around looking for a tune. It reminds me of Come Back to Camden by Morrissey in that it promises a lot but leaves you a bit cold. Boulevard. Neon Lights. Sinners. This has got the Killers all over it! I do think Brandon is a bit limited lyrically, but vocally and as a frontman he more than makes up for it.
Only the Young reminds me of My List. It's got quite a nice little whistly noise in it. I like.
Hard Enough is a bit preachy lyric-wise. It has Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) on it though, which is cool. I love her voice, but she should have done a verse as well as backing vocals. This song is a bit Bruce Springsteen!
Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts also sounds a bit... cheesy? I feel like he's missing the mark a bit. The Killers are anthemic, but this doesn't quite get there.
Oh dear, Playing with Fire is actually bad. Lyric: 'rolling river of truth, can you spare me a sip.'
Was it something I Said isn't very good either; it reminds me of a bad Bright Eyes song (ie. a country one). This middle section is not good. Now I'm thinking the funny looking ones aren't just filler! Are they the genius behind Flowers? Perhaps he needs them to tell him when he's getting a bit self-indulgent and shit!
I actually really like Crossfire, even though it's just sounds like (or perhaps because it just sounds like!) a Killers song. I really like the bit that goes 'lay your body down'- it's super catchy and moving at the same time. It's great.
On the Floor reminds me of when Moz goes 'on the floor' in It's Not Your Birthday Anymore. This feels like a song from a (bad) film. Oh, Jesus, there's the choir. This is not good at all!
Swallow It was also just nothingy.
The Clock was Tickin' is like some Boy Dylan/ bad Bright Eyes mash up. Eeks. I quite like it sometimes when singers just talk in songs (ie. Jarvis Cocker) but the country guitar makes me want to hurl (haven't we suffered enough with Conor?)
I think we're onto extra tracks now. Jacksonville at least had a bit of a groove to it, but it's still not doing it for me.
I Came Here to Get Over You is better, more Killersy. But still nowhere near as good as, say, Forget about What I Said, which is almost throwaway Killers.
Right Behind is also quite good; keyboardy with cool backing vocals; why is he putting decent tracks at the end (and maybe not even on the real album?!)
Hmm. I was expecting a lot more than that, actually. The Killers are pretty faultless as a band. I think I would have liked Brandon to go more dancey, or more introspective and stripped down, and instead, he went a bit country and cheesy. This album has more in common with Cassadaga than anything poppy.
Also, where was the flamingo? I think he went to have a lie down about halfway through. Flowers fail! Still love you, though and your ginormous gnashers.

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