Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: She doesn't dream about anyone.. except herself

Oh, Nadia. Not Davina's favourite housemate any more. The crowd last night were disgusting, it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth indeed.
I am still apoplectic that Ulrika is in that house. Mistake first time round. Just wilfully insulting the fans second time round.
Nikki is the only person in the PLANET who doesn't like the smell of bacon.
Aw to Pete and Nikki. He was the only one who could tame her! And he couldn't be bothered. I love Pete!
WHY ARE THEY SHOWING SO MUCH ULRIKA? What is their fucking agenda?
Nikki or Victor FTW.
I can't be asked with this Pie Jesu bullshit, it's boring. It sucked the first time round. It sucks double time now.
Bye Makosi. DISCARDED! Brian and Nikki's faces when Nadia went were a treat.
Victor: 'it's Ashleeen.' as Vanessa enters. Ashleen must be gutted!
Vanessa looks like Nikki's mum! They should have a gurning competition.
Victor is liking Vanessa because he doesn't see her as a threat. I LOVE VICTOR.
Vanessa got right in there asking the important questions! I like it.
I like seeing Ulrika looking a bit on the hop. Oh Vanessa and her gastric band. REX!

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