Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: That's totally irrelevant

So Coolio WAS being transphobic. And they didn't show it. Revolting behaviour from Big Brother there. Vanessa on her previous Big Brother experience: 'I felt like Terry Waite.' Fantastic exaggeration!
WTF is going on with Michelle's unstraightened hair? She looks like a wilder beast. She's been left without Nadia and Makosi.
If Rex is in that house, he should be a proper housemate! I'd swap Ulrika for him.
Vanessa's chalk board moment wasn't the iconic milestone they think. It's really fucking boring.
It's sad to see Rex relegated to doing a task when Vanessa's in there yakking about her gastric band. ZZZ.
Did Ulrika just snog Rex? Still, who can blame her?
LOL to Preston getting squidged. I like Victor's wig!
Glad Brian can talk about his sexuality more honestly now, he was too scared years ago!
Not interested in Ulrika's boring marriages. This not what UBB should be about.
How can Chantelle never have heard of the Darkness?! Preston's indie teachings did not go far enough.
Brian looks dreadful in that rocker gear.
Victor is getting the Hira edit, which is unfair as Victor is king of the live feed.
They overspent by £200 on the shopping! That is showbiz!
I hope Vanessa and Ulrika go at it.
Bed gate! Oh, Nikki. I love Nikki! I like the Vanessa dealt with her with humour, unlike Ulrika who just gets pissy with her.
Where's BBLBC? Highlight fail.

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