Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Hungry like the (were)wolf

Hmm. Running out of patience now. Bring on the all-stars. Heard the housemates moaning on the live feed that the show ends on a Tuesday and no one is going to watch it. Correct.
This wig thing is boring as fuck. There better be some sort of point to it.
Also on the live feed: about ten million hours of John James talking about 'the game'. Not that he cares about the game. Honest.
Mario discussing the Pope with Corin. Educational stuff. I saw this on live feed (I watched 2 hours tonight!). If this is the best they've got, we're fucked.
Dave doesn't like people picking at his food? It figures.
Corin is wearing a top I've never seen her wear before. Has she been saving clothes for the last week? That's restraint.
JJ and John James will enjoy Corin legitimately getting annoyed about someone hiding her belongings. I can't STAND JJ!
I never even knew Corin's hair was fake! That's how observant I am.
Dave saw someone turn into a werewolf, and has seen someone go invisible! I'll have what he's having, please. He's worse than David Icke. LOL to John James 'you should be a stand up comedian' comment. Then Dave complains they're ridiculing him! You just said you saw someone turn into a werewolf. For God's sake, what do you expect people to say? John dealt with that quite well. STFU Dave. Just stop talking now, you're an embarrassment to the nation, and your long-suffering family (I suspect).
Oh Sam, give it up, you're getting on my wick. Stop terrorising all the women in the house. Why not pick on Steve instead? Oh.
Aw to Mario and Andrew's lie down. Lucky they're getting out on Tuesday; another three weeks in there and they'd be fucking like doggies.
After tonight's episode, I'll be quite happy to see the back of Sam and Crab Eyes this week, they're both a pair of cunts. They're just trying to fuck Corin over right near to the end of the show; it's so transparent. Fuck them. They don't deserve the win any more than she does.
John James telling Corin to leave because someone's stolen her make-up! He was basically saying Josie didn't see what she said she saw with her own eyes! Fuck me, he's got some gall. 2 minutes in the outside world and crab eyes would be banning Josie from hanging round with Corin. Then cutting her off from her family. Then.. well, you know what comes next.
Oh god, a nasty task when they're all in a mood with each other anyway. Uh-oh.
John James did a crab victory dance! LOL.
You don't often hear Mario having a bitch. I liked their little chat in the toilet.
John James is on such a witch hunt for Corin right now. It's actually despicable. Corin hasn't got the braincells to be the Machiavellian overlord he sees her as. She's just an idiot with a fake tan.
Corin, Josie, Mario (and at a push Andrew) final. Who'd have thought it could come to this? End.

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