Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Big Brother 11: Gunge-on Master

I've managed to avoid the nomination result, and what with Twitter, Facebook and other things hi-tech idiots rely on, it's been as hard as trying to avoid arseholes in London,
So will it change their nominations them having to do them in public (via a gunking)? I say yes. Wassup with Andrew? Doesn't wanna gunk Steve, methinks.
Dave STILL DOESN'T GET nomination rules. Still! He's been in there long enough.
Jo doesn't like how she's coming across, acting like she don't give a toss. Good time to play the 'I want to leave' card. Sympathy gunge?
Ooh Andrew did do Steve! Hehe! Corin, do JJ and John James!
How come Jo's wearing a shower cap? Cheat!
Notice Jo didn't do John James, despite her constant drubbing of him in recent weeks? SCARED. In fact no one has done him yet- reign of terror. That's probably what BB are after. Glad Josie did JJ despite the bromance.
Hold on, the last couple of people can just vote tactically! This is BS.
Sam did Dave and Corin; nice work.
John James and Josie got no votes! I'd have just done then at the end for the crack. No one wanted to nominate them to their face, just behind their backs, they just went for the easy options.
Dave is SUCH a sore loser. Such a bad, bad loser. Mario is also a terrible sport.
Jo, how can you moan for people nominating you? You are carping about wanting to go! IDIOT BOX. Fuck off. Also, you didn't dare nominate John James when it counted. So you're also fake as well as a cliched old bore.
LOL Dave can't do save and replace. They are gunning for that god-bothering gimp this week. Not before time.
Sam just talked about noms too! I know the rules and I'm not in there. What's their excuse?
Mario, please win this task. They've set him up to win this one, surely. Come on Mario, fight like when you were in that little mole suit and we really loved you.
Dave is being so bitter and bloody-minded towards Mario lately, it makes me sick.
Mario kicked arse at that task! Oh no, he picked Sam. I don't want Sam to go.
Yay to Corin telling Dave to belt up. BB are gunning for Dave now. Give him as bad an edit as humanly possible and let's take out the trash.
Sam's t-shirt is cool. Keep him in.
John James giving Josie shit for picking JJ. It's HER nomination, not yours, crab eyes. John James is now pissed off that NO ONE VOTED FOR HIM! Come on! You really can't win.
OMG now even Dave is having a go at Josie! Leave it out, PLEASE!
Urgh it's hard to choose who I hate more, Dave or Jo, they are both so completely abhorrent.
Jo; 'you can never judge a book by it's cover... that's the kind of person I am... what's mine is yours.' Someone get this cunt a Christmas cracker.
Dave sulking to BB that they don't want him in there; call the Samaritans. Phone the union. Commit suicide. Yeah keep stuffing your face with that jam roly-poly, Dave, you little crybaby.
Sam giving Dave short shrift! Love it. Mario comparing Dave the Jesus. Well, Dave does turn water into whine. (sorry)

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