Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ultimate Big Brother: Be Aggressive... be-ee aggressive

(oops forgot to post this yesterday... mind you, it was rubbish!)
Oh Coolio, you creep. Why did you leave? I wonder if it will always remain a mystery. I smell a cover-up. Interesting they're showing it at 8pm tonight too; lots of bleeps hide the sense of the argument nicely.
LOL to Victor slagging off Preston's dress sense.
What got Nadia so aerated? Why didn't they show it? Something's amiss. Nadia is SO annoying, though. She really needs to relax.
'A series of incidents...' Hmm. WHAT AREN'T THEY SHOWING US?! Do they think we're idiots? He wasn't on BBLB today either. FISHY. Looks like they kicked him out to me.
Ukrika self-hating blonde. Boo.
Chantelle was the only one who looked the least bit bothered about Coolio going. Nadia was outright smirking.
I like the way Nikki operates when she wants something! We could all learn a lesson from her.
I love what Michelle and Victor are saying in the bedsit, it's the exact same thing that we say at home! Victor's one-liners are sharp!
Nadia's slave! It's the return of St(ale)! I thought we'd seen the back of this boring bastard long ago.
Brian: Can I dance? LOL. Although this show seems quite sedate in some ways I'm really enjoying it.
I think Victor was enjoying 'Womaniser' more than Brian. His slating of Preston is good.
I think Michelle is right: how you are 6 years ago is different. She definitely seems different.
Send Ziggy in! Ziggy was quality.
Hold on, how did Victor make Michelle cry? WTF. How sensitive is she! He's a pussycat! get them in the house and let's get on with fings.

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